mouse-801843_1920You may have seen some shocking photos on the internet of rats with giant tumors, caused by GMOs.  These photos are from a study done by French scientists led by Gilles-Eric Séralini. Their study shows that Genetically Modified corn and Monsanto’s RoundUp causes severe disease and tumor growth in rats.

There is lots of debate and mis-information about this study.  This email is to help explain what’s going on.  Nothing added.

Monsanto Study: Monsanto did a 90-day rat study to prove the safety of their products. The rats they chose are about as prone to tumors as humans.

Monsanto Findings: No tumors after 90-days.

Séralini Study: Séralini did the same study, but extended it to two years to understand the effects over a rat’s lifetime.

Séralini Findings: Tumors started appearing at four months in males and seven months in females.

But the Séralini’s rat study was debunked, right?

Yes and no.

In 2012, French magazine, “Marianne” published an article that claimed that the scientific community debunked his findings, stating there was, “…scientific fraud in which the methodology served to reinforce pre-determined results.”

A three-year legal investigation revealed that the author of the fraud claim was American lobbyist, Henry Miller, the same person who lobbied to discredit studies linking cancer and heart disease to tobacco.

Legal findings: Marianne magazine and its journalist were fined for public defamation of the researchers.

The long-term studies have since been republished:

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