Edi Fitzroy passed away on March 4, 2017.  He and I worked together for 22 years and produced an album together called “Hold the Vibes”

I have about 50 copies of the CD left and am trying to sell them in order to donate to his family.

Please consider donating and I’ll mail you a copy of the CD.

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I want to assure you that all revenue that we generate will go toward helping his family.

I’ve toured with Edi, produced music with him, and even housed him while he visited the United States. 

While you may be aware that he has some fantastic classic hits, you may not—and many people don’t—know about the music industry and its tradition of “hiring” artists to record songs in the studio.  This means they didn’t have to pay any royalties.  This “Work for Hire” practice was the case early in Edi’s career.  

Also, from the time dancehall started gaining popularity in the 80’s many Classic Reggae artists struggled to find stage show work, and were left to be called upon for “Vintage Night” style concerts that are few and far in-between. 

I’ve spoken with Edi’s family since his passing, and they will let me know when and how to transfer these funds to help with expenses.  

Thanks again, 

Joe Bressler

Free Sample: “Hold the Vibes”


Live at Monterey Reggae Festival, 2010: Drums: my brother David Bressler, Bass: Waddell Bell, Guitar: Benny Torres, and me on keyboards.